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The Best in Quiet, Efficient Pumps

Dynamax PumpsAt Simply Pumps, our mission is to be the leading supplier of battery, low voltage, and solar powered submersible and in line fluid pumps.

Our vision is to provide the highest level of customer service and to passionately support our customers prior to and after the sale.


Visit our Dynamax page to learn about State-of-the-Art pumps using brushless DC motors rated to 20,000 hours of life.  

Available in 12 and 24 volt, in kit configurations, and discount packs.

These pumps are quiet, reliable, and powerful. All models can be submersed or used inline.  45 day free replacement warranty.

Micro_and_Miniature_PumpsHP Mini Pumps

Tiny, micro, miniature, low voltage DC fluid pumps available in both submersible and in line models.

Our HP Miniature pumps can fit within the diameter of a golf ball and provide water and fluid transport for a variety of home, industrial, and medical uses.

Visit our Miniature Pumps page to lean about these miraculous new, low voltage, high-powered fluid pumps. 

Quiet, capable, and no larger than a golf ball!  Works with many fluids and fuels without failing.

VPII Pumps

submersible_water_pumpsThe VPII is a small, 12 volt DC submersible water pump.

Without a doubt, the VPII was designed to be a leading centerpiece water pump!

These pumps are quiet, reliable, and powerful.  Our VPII model pumps are perfect for centerpiece fountain and aquarium use.

Pump Types and Pump Terms Explained

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Pump Applications | Uses | Limitations

Visit our Pump Applications page to learn more about the many applications for use, as well as limitations in voltage and use of pumps and their accessories.

For more information, Contact Simply Pumps today.

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