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Who We Are

At Simply Pumps we love solving problems. We work with engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and hobbyists all over the world to bring solutions to their day to day fluid transfer challenges. We speak to customers every day that:

  • Need expert advice on the best type of pumps for their application
  • Are struggling to find dedicated and committed pump expert to work with on a long term basis
  • Want a strategic partner that is teamed with a vast and growing network of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Expect a higher than average level of customer service and attention to detail

At the end of the day our customers enjoy our prompt and courteous communications. Clients routinely breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Simply Pumps is just the type of company they are looking for.

"Our vision is to provide the highest level of customer service and to passionately support our customers prior to and after the sale." -Scott Beresford

Simply Pumps operates on the 'Simple' philosophy of 'Doing the Right Thing' for our customers. "At Simply Pumps, our mission is to be the leading supplier of pumps, including battery powered, low voltage, solar powered submersible and in-line fluid pumps."

Scott Beresford, our CEO and Pennsylvania native holds fast to his original business model of surrounding himself with people that complement his ethics, and at the same time his intuitive nature ensures the other team members fulfill the ever-changing industry requirements, including technology, new product development, regulatory and specialty documentation, and more importantly bring to the table experience from a variety of industries.

Our members have decades of experience in micro-scale to full production scale-up design working within such areas as the flavor and fragrance industries, cosmetic industries, EPA and analytical trace analysis laboratories, FDA and OTC drug pump design, and we recently have acquired a scientist that comes not only from many of the aforementioned industries, but is also a ASTM consumer product international member specializing in method development for unique, complex project needs.

We treat every customer, corporations and individuals alike, with precisely the same attention during every step of the process. This statement alone sets us apart from the rest, and if you give us a challenge, you will be pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail you will receive!



"I had a phenomenal experience with Simply Pumps, Scott worked with my team on a special request and was always prompt and helpful in his emails. I recommend Simply Pumps without hesitation."

-E McGrath