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Pump Validation & Testing Protocol

All of our pumps and accessories are tested by our specialists within well established industry standards and proprietary methods to push the envelope so to speak. Many industrial and laboratory grade pumps are tested well beyond their normal operating parameters to ensure the stated applications and specifications are far above our customers’ expectations, which is why we are sure if you compare our products to our competitors, all things being equal, the experience and knowledge that Simply Pumps can provide is Simply Outstanding!

At Simply Pumps, we take into account parameters within our designs that fall well outside the specifications of the pump itself, and we are well aware of the need to seek advice from everything to solvent and temperature resistance, viscosity of liquids at highly specific temperatures, acid and alkaline applications, and a plethora of other variables such as tubing and connector choice.

The guidance to the answers that define these highly specific variables is why Simply Pumps should be your only choice.

Get it done right the first time, work safe, work efficiently, and for those who require additional regulatory documentation or a specific test parameter run on a specific pump, we do just that.

At Simply Pumps, we embrace opportunities in the global and local marketplace by applying innovative technology, but we are much more than a solutions provider. We are a thought leader, a source of economic growth and a company with unquestionable integrity. Our long-term sustainability depends on it, our customers and our communities expect nothing less.


"The technical assistance was fantastic; they identified the best pump for our new product in just a few hours!"