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Pump Application, Uses, and Limitations

VPII Pump Uses

Although the VPII was designed to be the perfect water fountain centerpiece pump, Simply Pumps customers have found great success in using our VPII pump in several other applications such as School Science Projects, Small Table Top Fountains, Trade Show Displays, and Pet Fountains.

VPII Documentation

For more information, please download the following PDF file (Adobe Reader required):
Master Pumps Specification Sheet

HP Mini Pump and Dynamax Pump Uses

Our HP Mini Pumps and Dynamax Pumps have found a home in the medical industry, development of new and innovative tools, miniature modeling, and more. Other uses include fuel cell and fuel delivery applications, cooling systems, sampling equipment, undersea exploration equipment, laboratory systems, Aquariums, Large Fountains, Outdoor Fish Ponds, Solar Systems, Radiators, Water Circulation Systems, Camping Shower and Washing Systems, Medical Equipment, RV and Motor Home, Halloween Costumes, Movie and Play Props, Hydroponic Systems, Farm Animal Watering and De-icing, Industrial Cooling Systems, Research and Development, Water Sampling, Model Boats, Radio Controlled Boats, and a wide array of prototyping and production equipment.

Solar Panel Use

At Simply Pumps, our pumps are compatible with the output voltage of many common solar panels. Solar panels must be purchased separately. Only the Dynamax 24 volt pumps are designed to be used with more than 12 volts DC and most of the miniature pumps are even designed for less than 12 volts DC.

Powering Your Pump

Careful consideration is required when connecting our pumps to any voltage source. Each of our pumps has a specific voltage. Exceeding the maximum rated voltage on any of our pumps will cause damage to the motor.

All of our pumps are designed for DC voltage. Common sources of DC voltage are batteries, solar panels, and typical AC power adaptors.

None of our pumps are compatible with low voltage AC.

Battery holders and batteries must remain dry. Battery holders and batteries cannot be submerged.

Our pumps are compatible with the output voltage of many common solar panels. Solar panels must be purchased separately.

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